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Leaky Balcony Repair

Do you have one or multiple balconies that are currently experiencing water leaks? Are you seeking assistance for repairing these leaks?Β 

Traditionally, when a balcony faced water leak issues, the solution involved removing all the tiles, screed, and waterproofing, followed by starting the process again. This approach was not only costly but also time-intensive. However, we now recognize that the primary reason waterproofing fails is often due to movement originating from the substrate, which remains unchanged. Consequently, leaks tend to resurface shortly after undergoing the exhaustive and expensive renovation process.Β 

Waterproofing is the most delicate element within the building envelope with waterproofing being found under the tiles and typically carries a warranty of only ten years. It doesn’t make sense to place the most fragile component beyond easy reach for repair. A more effective strategy is to apply waterproofing over the existing tiles. This method enables swift identification of any issues that may arise and allows for targeted patch repairs.

Here at Leaky Balcony Repair we do just that we repair your leaky balcony with Remedial Membranes durable Clear Membrane that also comes with a 10 Year Product Warranty, it can be walked on, does change the look of the existing finish, slip resistant and comes in Gloss, Satin or Matte finishes.Β 

As the Membrane is Clear the surface is cleaned and repaired prior to applying the membrane. All aspects of the repair are handled with us there is nothing else to do then give us a call today!

Remedial Waterprofoing

Do you tiles look good but your balcony is leaking? Why remove tiles when your issue is your failed membrane? We apply a Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane over tiles to make them watertight without needing to remove them maing it more cost effective. Able to waterproof over tiles to fix water leaks without changing the look but making it slip resistant.

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Leaky Balcony Repair is a Sister company to Remedial Membranes and is their large projects division. If you are going to have your balcony repaired have it repaired repair by the best and most experienced. Learn more about the Clear Waterproofing Membrane


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Efflorescence is unsightly and is evidence of bigger issues to come. However, the process is a reactive process and as such it can be difficult to prevent its return.


Why remove tiles to get to a failed membrane when you can just waterproof over the tiles with a Clear, Trafficable and Slip Resistant coating!

waterproofing CONCRETE

Concrete is such a hard wearing durable product. It’s only issue is that it is porous and allows water transfer. We can waterproof the concrete without changing the look.

Leaky Balcony Repair

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We recommend that you get some quotes to rip up and remove your existing leaky balcony and compare the prices you will see our pricing comes in at between 10-30% of the cost of other quotes. Find out for yourself today.

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