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leaky concrete balcony waterproofed with clear waterproofing membrane


Are you a fan of concrete’s appearance but facing waterproofing concerns?

Concrete undoubtedly boasts durability, aesthetic charm, and slip-resistance, becoming a triple threat that elevates any structure’s strength and allure. However, it harbors a significant drawback—it lacks waterproofing capabilities. In reality, concrete’s high porosity allows water retention, setting the stage for cracks upon any movement. This, in turn, permits water infiltration, potentially causing harm and jeopardizing the structure’s integrity.

But fret not, there exists a solution that lets you relish all concrete’s perks while ensuring waterproofing: the Clear Waterproofing Membrane. Through installing this innovative membrane over your concrete’s surface, you can effectively seal it off, thwarting water penetration.

The combination of Clear Waterproofing Membrane and concrete is nothing short of perfect. This remarkable pairing yields multiple benefits that render it a go-to remedy for safeguarding concrete structures:

Concrete Preservation: Water infiltration can induce cracks, degradation, and concrete ailments. By blocking water seepage into the concrete, the membrane safeguards its structural soundness.

Extended Longevity: Equipped with a waterproof barricade, your concrete structures stand resilient over time. The membrane acts as a safeguard against moisture, prolonging surface life while preventing water from reacting with steel reinforcement, preventing blowouts.

Aesthetics: The transparent Clear Waterproofing Membrane showcases concrete’s innate elegance. It maintains the surface’s look, making it a prime choice for sustaining the visual charm of structures. Available in Gloss, Satin, and Matte finishes.

Enhanced Safety: Polished concrete surfaces can be perilous. Yet, the slip-resistant qualities of the membrane’s waterproofing capacity foster a safer environment for all.

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