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Understanding the process

Do you know what efflorescence is? Do the contractors who are quoting for your repair understand it? The majority of tradesmen out there don’t know the cause of efflorescence, and believe it or not, Google doesn’t know either. This leads to misconceptions about how to treat it.

Efflorescence occurs due to movement cracks that allow water to seep into the substrate. When water gains access to water-soluble salts and minerals, and the evaporation stage of the water cycle occurs, the water is brought to the surface and evaporates as a gas called vapor. Since vapor is a gas, it can’t hold these water-soluble salts, and they are left on the surface. Jobs with large amounts of efflorescence seem to have one thing in common: off-white cement has been used in the screed to make it dry quickly during the construction process. What makes off-white cement quick-drying? Increased lime content, which is a water-soluble mineral.

Now that you understand the process and how it is created, the next step is knowing how to treat it. Efflorescence is a process where water picks up diluted minerals and salts and then evaporates. This process seems to take 2 to 4 weeks. So, the water used to wash off the efflorescence in the first place can actually create efflorescence that will emerge from the substrate in a few weeks. It’s important for the customer to know that we can absolutely remove and prevent efflorescence from recurring, but it’s a two-step process.

The process of preventing efflorescence is not difficult but it is detailed so make sure the contractor you employ understands the process otherwise he will not be able to fix it from re-occuring. Contact us today!

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