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Did you know that timber frame structures continue to experience movement throughout the lifespan of a building, whereas concrete slabs move for about 7 years until they settle, and then primarily due to foundation stress caused by environmental changes? We certainly did!

In fact balcony built on top of timber frames are approx 75% of the balconies that we repair.

Were you aware that stone tiles retain moisture, leading to negative water pressure akin to rising damp? Once again, we were ahead of the curve on this knowledge.

When you specialize in a specific aspect of an industry, you gain a deeper understanding compared to someone with a broader scope of work. Even though our team consists mainly of skilled tilers and waterproofers, we specifically focus on remedial waterproofing.

We employ different products for various required applications, using them in a manner tailored to the specific situation. Recognizing that timber frames will exhibit increased movement, we combine products to effectively accommodate this. Understanding that stone tiles retain moisture, we use application-specific products to address this issue, preventing potential problems down the line.

We comprehend the impact of dark tiles versus light tiles, as well as the consequences when different building materials meet, each with distinct rates of expansion and contraction. We restore your balcony regardless of its construction method, opting for a non-tile removal approach by applying a Clear Waterproofing Membrane over the tiles. This approach allows us to complete the project in less time and at a reduced cost, while still offering the same warranty. With new technology continually improving our lives, discover how we can enhance your situation.




There are many steps that go into waterproofing but here you can see the main steps and see that nothing else is required in order to have your balcony repaired. 


As we handle a lot of strata work and investment properties, many of the balconies that we waterproof have not been properly cleaned in many years. We clean the surface using a combination of high-pressure water and acid to reveal the balcony beneath.

Balcony Preparation

Once cleaned, the balcony reveals the extent of the repairs needed to bring the surface back to good condition. This usually involves regrouting and cutting in expansion joints to allow for increased movement as the property ages.

remedial waterproofing being applied to the terrocotta tiles


Once the surface is returned to a good condition the Clear Waterproofing can be applied to the surface. We tend to match the existing finish of your tiles which makes it hard to determine that membrane being installed. Finishes are all slip resistant and come in Gloss, Satin and Matte.

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All we do is Remediation of leaking wet areas so we know it really well and your project is no exception.

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Our work averages to be approximately 10-30% of the cost of balcony renovation. Get a quote today!

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