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Leaky Balcony Repairs in Melbourne presents a unique set of challenges. Melbourne’s notorious ‘four seasons in one day’ weather, coupled with the prevalence of dark or black tiles, can make outdoor work that require dry days more challenging than anywhere else in the Australia.

Dark tiles, especially stone variants like Bluestone, can pose significant issues for homeowners seeking to prevent leaks. Stones tiles absorb water, waiting for any building movement to create tears in the underlying membrane. Additionally, dark tiles absorb more heat, leading to increased contraction and expansion, especially when the tiles have a high water absorption rate. This heightened movement can exacerbate the problem.

Our Expertise in Balcony Repairs:

With years of experience, we’ve become seasoned experts in repairing and preventing balcony leaks. Understanding Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable means we can plan accordingly. We recognize that no two balconies are identical. Typically, residential balconies feature timber framing, while multi-residential and rooftop balconies boast concrete slab substrates. This distinction matters because the substrate material influences the structure’s behavior and, consequently, the common issues that arise. This knowledge is invaluable because most leaking balconies can be effectively repaired with remedial waterproofing solutions, eliminating the need for costly and extensive tile renovations. However, if you’re considering a completely new balcony, we possess the expertise to assist you, although we typically view this as a last resort.

Efficient Quoting Process:

We value your time, which is why we aim to provide most quotes within the same day. All we need is your answers to a few questions and a few photos of the affected area to accurately assess your needs. This streamlined process allows you to compare our quotes and options with others, providing you with the information required to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

At Leaky Balcony Repair, our name speaks for itself, and we are committed to delivering reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for your balcony repair and waterproofing needs in Melbourne. Contact us today to safeguard your investment and enjoy a leak-free outdoor space.”




There are many steps that go into waterproofing but here you can see the main steps and see that nothing else is required in order to have your balcony repaired. 


As we handle a lot of strata work and investment properties, many of the balconies that we waterproof have not been properly cleaned in many years. We clean the surface using a combination of high-pressure water and acid to reveal the balcony beneath.

Balcony Preparation

Once cleaned, the balcony reveals the extent of the repairs needed to bring the surface back to good condition. This usually involves regrouting and cutting in expansion joints to allow for increased movement as the property ages.

remedial waterproofing being applied to the terrocotta tiles


Once the surface is returned to a good condition the Clear Waterproofing can be applied to the surface. We tend to match the existing finish of your tiles which makes it hard to determine that membrane being installed. Finishes are all slip resistant and come in Gloss, Satin and Matte.


Work to a fixed quote

Know what your up for before you start with our fixed price guarantee.


All we do is Remedial Waterproofing so we know it really well and your project is no exception.

Experienced & Licensed

All trades are licensed and experienced

10-30% of the cost of renovation

Our work averages to be approximately 10-30% of the cost of balcony renovation. Get a quote today!

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Our policy ensures that you’re well-informed about our services and what to anticipate. We stick to our schedule and strive to meet your needs. While occasional issues like unexpected rain may arise, we keep you informed and work to prevent any lasting impact. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:”